KDC 1.2 Power Capacitor

1.2 Farad Digital Capacitor
20 Volts
24 Volts Surge
Digital Voltage level Display
Blue LED's and pulsing Neon Ring
Beautiful, unique Chrome Finish
Wood Box


EFX Power Capacitor

1 Farad 16 Volt Capacitor
20 volt surge
Blister Display Packaging


EFX Power Distribution Block

4-8 gauge
One 4 gauge in
Four 8 gauge out.
Platinum plated


EFX Power Distribution Block

Fused Power Distributor
One 1/0 in
Two - 4 gauge out with Wafer Fuses
Two - 8 gauge out with AGU Fuse


EFX High Amperage ANL Wafer Fuse

Quantity 1 (100 amp)
Platinum plated


EFX 1/0 Gauge to 4 Gauge Convertor Adaptor

Enables 1 gauge cable in a 4 gauge connector
Platinum plated

  EFX 0/1 gauge to 2/4 gauge Splice Connector

EFX Male Gold RCA Connector

G7 Design
Quantity 4
Blister Pack


EFX Male Platinum RCAConnector

P7 Design
Quantity 4
Blister Pack


EFX Mini Right Angle RCA Adapter

24K Gold plated
Quantity 4
Blister Pack


EFX Male Right Angle RCA Connector

24K Gold plated
Quantity 4
Blister Pack


EFX Dual Channel Twisted Matte Black Audio Wire

Platinum plated P7 RCA connectors


EFX Ice'd Purple EFX ''Y'' Cable

1 Female - 2 Male RCA Splitter


EFX 12 gauge Single Amp Power and Audio Kit

Power Cable
Ground Cable
Remote Cable
Crimp Cable Terminations
Fuse Holder with Fuse
Wire Loom